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Birth Guesstimates
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Submitted Guesstimates
Guest's Name Birth Date Birth Time Gender Weight Hair
Gab's Mum  4 Feb 2008  4:30AM  Girl  6lbs 14oz (3.12kg)  Bald 
Bern Duffy  2 Feb 2008  12:30AM  Girl  8lbs 13oz (4.00kg)  Hairy 
Adi Ryan  5 Feb 2008  9:30AM  Boy  8lbs 5oz (3.77kg)  Bald 
Lorenne  23 Jan 2008  11:30PM  Girl  8lbs 13oz (4.00kg)  Hairy 
Victor Ramanauskas  2 Feb 2008  5:00PM  Girl  7lbs 9oz (3.43kg)  Hairy 
Gab Adam  26 Jan 2008  8:30PM  Boy  7lbs 13oz (3.54kg)  Bald 
Laura   25 Jan 2008  1:00AM  Boy  7lbs 8oz (3.40kg)  Hairy 
Dana Rosa  6 Feb 2008  2:30PM  Girl  6lbs 4oz (2.83kg)  Bald 
Rose, Rob & Adrian  26 Jan 2008  1:30AM  Boy  6lbs 4oz (2.83kg)  Hairy 
Tess Schultz  28 Jan 2008  9:30AM  Girl  8lbs 15oz (4.05kg)  Bald 
Brigitte Whitecross  26 Jan 2008  7:30AM  Boy  7lbs 12oz (3.52kg)  Bald 
Dan  29 Jan 2008  2:00PM  Boy  7lbs 2oz (3.23kg)  Bald 
Reuven  5 Feb 2008  8:00AM  Girl  8lbs 3oz (3.71kg)  Bald 
Graham Rosa  3 Feb 2008  6:00AM  Boy  8lbs 8oz (3.86kg)  Hairy 
ACTUAL  4 Feb 2008  2:00PM  Girl  7lbs 5oz (3.32kg)  Hairy 

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