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In order to use the Gift Registry on our website, there are 6 steps involved.

1. Tell us who you are.
The first thing is to let us know who you are, so to login to the gift registry, enter your name and street address then click the next button.

2. Reserve the gift you wish to purchase.
Once logged in you will be redirected to the gift list page. On this page you can select the gift you wish to purchase by clicking the "Reserve Me" button for the appropriate gift. Once a gift is reserved, it can be unreserved if you change your mind. Reserving a gift is valid for 1 week. If the reserved gift is not marked a bought after this time, you will be sent an email message and the gift will go back into the gift list for someone else to reserve.

3. Purchase the gift yourself.
We need you to purchase the gift yourself, as the website doesn't offer credit card payment. The shop listed is only an indication of where we have seen the gift. If you wish to purchase elsewhere you are free to do so.

4. Log back into the website and confirm that you have purchased the gift.
Once you have purchased a gift, or if you know you are definately going to purchase the gift, you need to mark the gift as bought so that no one else will purchase it. To do this, view your reserved gifts then click the "Bought Me" button beside the gift that you have purchased.
Once confirmed, the gift is unavailable for anyone else to buy, and it cannot be unreserved.

5. Bring the gift to the wedding.
Finally, wrap the gift and bring it to the wedding. Please ensure that you specify who the gift is from on a card attached to the gift so that we know who to thank for the lovely gift.