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Gab and Ant

He Says...
We met at uni in 94. When I saw my angel in a class, I sat next to her and peeked at her diary so I'd know her name.

She Says...
We both went to Monash uni and shared quite a few classes so saw eachother around a fair bit. We then started sitting together and he always called me by name but for the first few months of our friendship, I had no idea what his name was and I was too embarrassed to ask!


He Says...
Gubbles (Gab) is my angel, always happy with a smile that brightens a room. She sings like an angel and has supported me through thick and thin.

She Says...
He's snugglier than a polar bear, shines with awe and pride when he looks at me, does so many wonderful things for me (like pre-warming my side of the bed for me before I get in) and somehow makes every song on the radio or television theme songs include the words 'Gubbles' and 'Snuggles'. All in all, he's just lovely and he's mine.